June 2, 2003


When your ready to thrash test plot wheat samples give me a call, I just got the thrashing machine out of the shop and it is running fine.

Callahan, Coleman, Concho, McCulloch, Runnels, Taylor and Tom Green Counties all had tours of Result Demonstration Tests in May. When the results from these tests are finished I will provide them to you.

The wheat variety information is updated each year to reflect changes in disease and insect ratings in our region. A copy of this information is now posted at the following URL http://sanangelo.tamu.edu/agronomy/wheat/wht2003.htm.

The Ryegrass Control Test conducted in Brown County provided some useful information about currently available herbicides. Please see linked report for complete summary.

Wild Oat Control Test conducted in Taylor County provided information about currently available herbicides. Please see linked report for complete summary.


Plant populations have been reduced on some acreage and producers are asking if they should replant. The two linked references covers the topic adequately. If you would like to discuss these from a regional perspective feel free to call.

Currently there are two meetings scheduled in July that will focus on Conservation Tillage. The July 1 meeting will be conducted in Runnels County and the July 16 meeting will be conducted in Haskell County.

Stephen Biles is establishing a weed control test that will be of interest to you and your producers. The test will examine the possibility of using a hooded sprayer to post-direct glyphosate herbicide under the canopy of conventional varieties of cotton.

Grain Sorghum

On June 1, several counties received hail damage on grain sorghum and corn. Information on that topic is available in the factsheet "Assessing Hail and Freeze Damage to Field Corn and Sorghum (B-6014)".

Grain sorghum plants that were in the seven- to ten-leaf stage (depending on maturity group) will have to be evaluated closely. If the growing point was injured, then a yield loss is a strong possibility. Also, if the plants lost all of their leaf surface, then it will have to be regenerated and this loss of time will probably result in yield loss. The developing plant will have to contend with pollination during the hot and dry period of the summer and insect pressure generally is higher.

Insect Scout School

The annual cotton insect scout school will be held June 9, 2003 at the Texas A&M Research and Extension Center at San Angelo [click here for agenda]. If you would like to travel to Uvalde, Texas to fine-tune your scouting skills, please contact Rick Minzenmayer at (915) 365-5212.

Pesticide Recertification Training

On June 9, there will be a training conducted at Abilene for producers needing to obtain a Private Applicators license. For more details and to register for the meeting call Gary Bomar at (915) 672-6048.

FYI (For Your Information)

Nutrient Calculator- One of the constant challenges with teaching proper nutrient application to homeowners with lawn, garden and flower beds has been getting the rate correct for the square footage to be treated. A nutrient calculator was developed by two Tom Green County Master Gardeners, Stephen Schkade (computer technition at the San Angelo Research Center), John Begnaud (Tom Green County Extension Horticulturist) and I; to try it out go to the following URL http://sanangelo.tamu.edu/agronomy/soil/nutr01.htm. NOTE: I actually copied the nutr01.htm and vegnut.htm to a folder on my computer hard drive and then made a shortcut to the desktop. If someone is asking how much fertilizer to apply it makes it quick and easy for me to answer the question.

Reference Material- As I mentioned at the meeting on May 15, one of the better internet references for Pesticide Labels and MSDS sheets is http://www.cdms.net/manuf/manuf.asp.

It will take a while to accomplish what has been asked for in the area of weed identification and control. A good reference will be http://twig.tamu.edu being developed by the Texas Weed Information Group. I think it is a site worth bookmarking now.

Someone asked me a question on controlling weeds in tanks and ponds and there is a good internet site for that information, it is http://aquaplant.tamu.edu/, refer to "Management Options".

Weed Identification

Two weeds blooming now

Scarlet Gaura
Gaura coccinea

Catchweed bedstraw
Galium aparine

Monthly Calendar


June 4, Tom Green County, Farm and Ranch Safety School
June 6 - 10, Brazos County, 4-H and Youth Development
June 20, Tom Green County, Professional Ag Workers


July 1, Runnels County, Conservation Tillage Tour
July 16, Haskell County, Conservation Tillage Tour
July 18, Tom Green County, Professional Ag Workers
July 26-29, Bexar County, Texas Cooperative Extension Specialists Association


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Extension Agronomist
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