September 3, 2002


The Wheat Symposium held in Abilene on August 22 was well attended with over 85 producers from across the state. The agents in attendance indicated that this was an excellent agent training meeting; all involved in planning are to be commended. Every producer I talked to said this was an outstanding program. I enjoyed the wide array of presentations made; it increased my knowledge concerning wheat and crop production. The meeting was a great refresher course.

I still need summaries from a couple of wheat demonstrations. If you have finished writing your results please send me a copy as soon as possible by e-mail, I would appreciate it.

Several counties have requested wheat and oat seed for result demonstrations. When the seed is ready to be picked up, I will let you know. From the discussion I have had with AgriPro, we will be purchasing our wheat seed.


The cotton crop varies greatly on maturity. Some is ready for harvest aids now and about 100,000 acres will need a hot open fall to develop quality lint. Several cotton crop termination tests have already been arranged. To prepare for the questions you will receive concerning harvest aids, please take time to review the attached cotton harvest-aid recommendations for West Central Texas. This information is also available on the San Angelo Web Site. The URL for the specific document is

I would appreciate it if you would estimate the number of cotton samples to be ginned. I have already had 150 samples turned in by four counties. Once the total is determined I can book the gin at Lubbock for either one or two days.

Weeds and Weed ID

Shown are weed pictures from our region.

Lanceleaf Sage
Salvania reflexa

Wavyleaf Thistle
Cirsium undulatum

Twinleaf Sennia
Senna roemeriana

Southwestern Bristlegrass
Setaria scheelei

Rivina humilis

Old Man's Beard
Clematis drummondii

Pesticide Recertification Training

On September 9, there will be a training conducted at Abilene for producers needing to obtain a Private Applicators License. For more details and to register for the meeting call Gary Bomar at (915) 672-6048.

If you have a training where CEUs are offered, please let me know.

Monthly Calendar


September 5, District Office, Sheep and Goat Field Day
September 6, Runnels County, Harvest Aid Test Plot Establishment
September 9, District Office, Office Conference
September 10, Reagan County, Multi-County Crops Tour
September 11, Nolan County, Crops Tour
September 13, Runnels County, Harvest Aid Test Plot Establishment
September 17, Runnels County, Crops Tour
September 17, District 7 Office, Teleconference with Dist. 6 Crops Group
September 20, Tom Green County, Professional Ag Workers
September 23, District Office, Specialist Scheduling
September 24, Brown County, Hay Show
September 26, Tom Green County, Crops Tour


October 3 & 4, Dallas County, 4-H Foundation
October 7, District Office, Office Conference
October 8, McCulloch County, Soil and Soil Fertility Meeting
October 8, San Saba County, Soil and Soil Fertility Meeting
October 10, Taylor County, Soil and Soil Fertility Meeting
October 16 - 20, Lexington, Kentucky, National ESP Meeting
October 29, McCulloch County, Plant Growth and Development Meeting
October 29, San Saba County, Plant Growth and Development Meeting


Billy E. Warrick
Extension Agronomist
Texas Cooperative Extension
Texas A&M University System