October 4, 2001


In the Southern Rolling Plains, mid-October until mid-November is the ideal planting time for wheat intended for grain production. With excellent soil moisture and warm soil temperatures the plants should germinate uniformly if they are planted at the correct depth in a firm seedbed. Most of the bearded varieties need to be planted from 1.25 to 1.75 inches deep. Beardless varieties can tolerate being planted deeper, however, anything over 2.5 inches is too deep. Trying to plant wheat at a uniform depth is very difficult in freshly worked soil. Producers need to develop a mind-set that wheat ground should be worked early and allowed to settle for several weeks before planting.

Producers need to pay close attention to weed problems. With our current weather conditions, a high population of weeds have develop and the larger weeds will be more expensive to control.


Two harvest aid demonstrations were established by Chris Sansone and Rick Minzenmayer in September for county tours. The Runnels County and Tom Green County tests included 12 treatments each. The information obtained from these plots were useful in discussing harvest aid selection for boll opening, defoliation, and/or desiccation. The regrowth that resulted from the rains in August and September is proving to be difficult to remove. Tank mixes are having a wide range of results.

The biggest decision for producers is whether to defoliate. The leaf grade discount are high enough that most producers are concerned. In most cases they can't afford to kill the leaves and have them remain on the plant. For defoliation, some producers are applying a light rate of desiccant while others are applying defoliants. After the leaves have fallen off the plant, then a desiccant is applied at a high rate.

I have spent several days in September designing, establishing, and evaluating cotton harvest aid tests. Some of the new products being evaluated are very impressive. When the data is analyzed, I will send you a copy of the results.

The ginning dates for District 6 and 7 have not been set. A total of 210 cotton samples is all that were called in. I think there is close to 400 samples to be ginned, but I need the counties to call and confirm their numbers. Don't forget, when your preparing the samples for ginning, the best weight size has been approximately 600 grams.

Weeds and Weed ID

Shown are weed pictures taken in our Region.

Bromus secalinus

Cutleaf Groundcherry
Physalis angulata

Lanium amplexicaule

Alternanthera pungens

Little Barley
Hordeum pusillum

Red Sprangletop
Leptochloa filiformis

Pesticide Recertification Training

On October 8, there will be a training conducted at Abilene for producers needing to obtain a Private Applicators license. For more details and to register for the meeting, call Gary Bomar at (915) 672-6048.

On October 15, a five hour CEU course will be held at Menard, across the street from the courthouse.

November 6, a three hour CEU course will be held at Sweetwater.

November 19, a six hour CEU course will be held at Eldorado.

December 6, a five hour CEU course will be held at Brady.

December 13, a five hour CEU course will be held at Abilene.

Monthly Calendar


October 1, District Office, Office Conference
October 1 - 3, Bandera County, Soil and Crop Sciences Project Group Meeting
October 4 & 5, Tom Green County, Evaluate Harvest Aid Test Plots
October 9, Tom Green County, Small Grain Production Meeting
October 11 & 12, Tom Green County, Establish Harvest Aid Tests Plots
October 11, Burnet County, Forage Production Meeting
October 15, Menard County, CEU Course for 5 hours
October 19, Tom Green County, Professional Ag Workers
October 22 - 26, Annual Leave
October 29, Tom Green County, Administrative Meeting
October 30, Taylor County, District Gold Star Banquet


November 1, Tom Green County, TRS Benefit meeting
November 2, Tom Green County, Teleconference
November 5, District Office, Office Conference
November 6, Nolan County, CEU Course
November 13 & 14, Brazos County, Texas Weed Information Group Meeting
November 15 & 16, Potter County, 4-H Foundation Meeting
November 19, Schleicher County, CEU Course
November 22 & 23, Holiday


Billy E. Warrick
Extension Agronomist
Texas Agricultural Extension Service
Texas A&M University System