This page provides web links to a wide range of subject areas that should be of interest to both students and teachers

Misc. Resources

A Culinary Curriculum for Cultivating Foodie Kids
ACT Home Page
Active Learning Strategies to Promote Critical Thinking
Addiction Among Teachers K-12
Advancing Better Sleep
Annenberg -- Professional Development
Awesome Library
Classrooms of the Future
Connecting Students
Coping With Stress in the Classroom
Creative Classroom On-line
Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet
Discover Magazine
Discovery Education -- Classroom Resources
Education World - The Educator's Resource
Educational Resources
Educational Web Adventures (Eduweb)
Education Week on the Web--Your independent source for complete education news!
ERIC - Education Resources Information Center
Family Exercise Resource Guide
Financial Literacy and Real Estate Investment Lesson Plans
Helpful Homework Guide for Kids
Helping Teens Develop Healthy Social Skills and Relationships - The High School Internet Network
I Love Schools
Information Please Home Page
informED: 10 Teaching Tools for Educators
Kaplan's Online SAT Training
Kids Know It Network
Lesson Plans: "What is Depression?"
Logistics Career Exploration Guide for Kids and Students
Mensa International - Mensa Workout
Making Paper Toys
Misunderstood Minds Home | PBS
National Education Association -- STEM Resources (preK-12)
National Science Teachers Association -- Books & Resources
Network Homepage -- Discovery Kids
Parents Guide for Third Grade
Parents Guide for Fourth Grade
Parents Guide for Fifth Grade
School Matters
Special Home Educator Web Site
Students Against Testing
Teacher Guides and Online Resources for Educators
Teacher's Guide to Developing Self-Esteem (Grades 9-12)
Teacher Recruitment Clearinghouse
Texas Teachers Network
The Mint Home Page
Thomas Meighan
University Interscholastic League
Unmasking Alcohol Manipulators: Critical Thinking Lesson Plans to Subvert Alcohol Advertisers
Varsity Learning Tools
Wellness Guide Specifically for Teachers.
Yahoo! Education
Google In Education


Ag in the Classroom
Animaland! from The ASPCA
Coffee Production
Conservation Tillage in Texas
Educating About Agriculture
FFA Gateway Page
Gardening Resources
IPM for Teachers - Curriculum
Kid's Field Day
School IPM - Southwest Technical Resource Center
Soil and Crop Science Department at Texas A&M
Texas Weed Information Group
The National Agricultural Library

Aquatic Sciences

Aquarium of the Pacific Online - Home page
Discovery Online, Expeditions -- Humpbacks of Madagascar
International Year of the Ocean
Monterey Bay Aquarium
NOAA Central Library - Photo Collection - Main Page
Ocean Planet Homepage
Shedd Aquarium
Tetra Home Page
WhaleNet at Wheelock College - Boston
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Whale-Watching Web


Arts & Crafts Activities for Kids
graffiti archaeology
National Gallery of Art - Van Gogh's Van Goghs: Information
Notorious Portraits
The Metropolitan Museum of Art's Timeline of Art History


AIR&SPACE Magazine Home Page
Astrology -> Astrodienst Atlas and Free Chart Service
Astronomy Picture of the Day
Deep-Sky International Space Station
Earth from Space
From Stargazers to Starships
GSOC Satellite Predictions - Start Page
Hubble Heritage Project: Gallery Page
Hubble Provides Multiple Views of How to Feed a Black Hole (PRC98-14)
Hubble Site
"inQuiry Almanack" - Spotlighting... - June/July, 1997
Introduction to Windows to the Universe
JPL Mars Pathfinder Mission Home Page
Kennedy Space Center
Leonids 2001 Meteor Gallery
Lunar Eclipse
Lunar Orbiter
Welcome to The Moon Phase Site
Mount Wilson Observatory
NASA Apollo 11 30th Anniversary
NASA Human Space Flight
NASA's Visible Earth
Planetary Photojournal: NASA's Image Access Home Page
Solar System Simulator
Space Day Home
Space Education Resources
Spitzer Space Telescope
StarDate Online
STScI- PRC00-07: Hubble Reopens Eye on the Universe
The Official St. Louis Astronomical Society Home Page
The Soloar System
Tripod - Image Gallery
Virtual Space Museum
Warp Drive When?
Welcome to Astro Meeting
Welcome to The Moon Phase Site


Access Excellence
Becoming Human: Paleoanthropology, Evolution and Human Origins
BioChemLinks: Biology, Chemistry, and Biochemistry Education
Biology Lesson Plans: Activities, Experiments, and Science Labs
Biology Links
Blood Types Tutorial
Botanical Links
Botany Activities and Lessons Welcome to
3-D Brain Anatomy (The Secret Life of the Brain)
Your Amazing Brain
California Academy of Sciences - Skulls
Carnegie Cell Imaging - Home
CELLS Alive! Table of Contents
Comparative Mammalian Brain Collections
Disease Cards
HHMI Beyond Bio 101: The Transformation of Undergraduate Biology Education
HighWire Press -- Free Online Full-text Articles
Human Anatomy On-line -
Leonids 2001 Meteor Gallery
Medical Art by Dank - Stock Medical Illustrations
Microbe World Is Your Gateway to the World of Microbes
Molecular Expressions: Images from the Microscope
Molecular Visualization Freeware
Multi-dimensional Human Embryo, Home Page
NMAH | Artificial Anatomy | Main
NOVA Online | Life's Greatest Miracle
Physics 2000
Play the Longevity Game
Red Gold . Blood History Timeline . 2500 BCE-999 BCE | PBS
Science Frontiers Digest of Scientific Anomalies
Secret of Photo 51
Snow Crystals
STEM-Works Activities
The Exploratorium: the museum of science, art and human perception.
The Learning Kingdom
The Particle Adventure
The Second Law of Thermodynamics
VE Splash
Visual Elements
Welcome to LifeGems
World Year of Physics

College Information

College Rankings by U.S. News and World Report
2016 Accredited Online Colleges
2017 Business Degree Online Guide -- provides students with resources for college -- resource for students with visual impairments information to help with the awareness and avoidance of cyber bullying
Academic Success Center
Academic Type? Thinking of Skipping College? Here are 6 Stats to Change Your Mind.


Accredited Schools Online
Financial Aid
Online Colleges
Search and Compare Accredited Online Colleges
Vocational Trade Schools
Vocational Trade Schools Financial Aid and Scholarships


Affordable Colleges Online
Affordable Degree Plans
Campus Resources for Networking
College Preparation Tips
College Resources for Students with Disabilities
College Scholarships for Black Students
College Transfers Guide
Cheapest Online Degrees
Financial Aid and FAFSA guide
Guide to Affordable Student Housing
Guide to Best Online Degrees
Guide to College Perks
Guide to Debt Free College Degrees
Guides to Help with SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE, NCLEX, and Praxis
Guide to Online College Financial Aid
Guide to Preventing Cyberbullying
Guide to Suicide Prevention
Guide to Understanding and Avoiding Substance Abuse
Homeless Students Guide
Online Doctorate Degrees
Online - Vocational Degrees
Student-Parent Guide

Best Accredited Colleges and Schools for Students with Disabilities/
Best Private Student Loan Lenders 2017
Financial Aid for Online College Students provides tips for students on how to manage their finances


Best MBA Programs in 2018
Best Value Schools of 2018
Financial Aid for College
Best Resources for College Students with Disabilities
Best Computer Science Schools in 2018
Best Medical Assistant Programs in 2018 Scholarship

The Cheapest Out-of-State Tuition Colleges for Every State in 2017

Campus Program: University and College Resources
College and University Rankings - Education and Social Science Library - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign page
College Scholarship / Financial Aid Database from offers information about advanced search features
College Search, College Tours at
College Search, Financial Aid, and Scholarship Search: CollegeView Online
Computer Science Online Degree Programs

Best Scholarship Search

Best Scholarship Search Platforms
What You Should Know About Scholarships
How Do Schlorship Search Platforms Work
What Should Students Know Before They Search for a Schlorship
Guide to Applying For Schlorships


ACT Preparation Resource
Additional Business Resources
Business Videos and Lectures
Business Degree Scholarships
Explore Business Degrees and Careers
SAT Preparation Resource

Online Colleges Database
U.S. News
U.S. Community Colleges
U.S. Universities
CU Online Gateway
CyberU - Education, Online Courses, Distance Learning, Training
Direct Essay
Discover Business Degrees -- tools and resources for prospective college students
Educational Tours
EduPoint - Home
Essay World
FastWeb: Free Scholarship and College Searches, & Financial Aid Tools guide to paying for college for students with disabilities
Graduate School Guide Book
Helping Students with Visual Impairments
How to Study for the GRE from Discover Business
Hungry Minds
Institute of Education Sciences resources focus on financial aid, student loans, college budgeting and more
MindEdge is a good resource if your considering a MBA Degree to Earning Your Online MBA MBA Programs in Your State
Peterson's Home Page - Colleges, Career Information, Test Prep and more
Private Student Loans Guide - Eligibility, Costs, Repayment, & Warnings
Rate My Professors
Rent Text Books from Book Renter
Rent Text Books from Campus Book Rentals
Rent Text Books from Chegg
Research Schools and On-Line Resources
Resources for Students with Disabilities--Compiled by (Highlights scholarships, available resources and expert insight for completing an advanced degree)
SAT Prep Center - a resource that provides university rankings, tuition costs, and more Education: Graduate School
Welcome to Mapping Your Future
Women Wanting Careers in Computer Science
Yahoo! Education
Google In Education


A complete illustrated Guide to the PC Hardware
An Atlas of Cyberspaces
Careers in Computer Science
Coding Bootcamp
Computer Science Online Degree Programs
Education World: Using Technology in the Classroom
Guide to IT Career Opportunities
Internet Schoolhouse
Laurie McCanna's Photoshop and Corel Tips
Obsolete Computer Museum
Online Bachelor Degrees in Computer Science
Resources for Computer Science Students
Security Response
Smartphones as Tools for Education: Getting Smart With Smartphones
Teach Parents Tech
Technovelgy : home page
The Guide to Technology Audits for Educators: Making the Case for Upgrades
Women Wanting Careers in Computer Science
Using the Technology of Today, In the Classroom Today Jakob Nielsen's site (Usable Information Technology)
WDVL: The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Web Technology

Earth Science

90 Second Naturalist
A Basic Guide to Tree Identification
A Kid's Guide to Forest Fires
A Science Odyssey
American Museum of Natural History
American Museum of Natural History
Ancient American: Archaeology of the Americas
Ascension Island
Bald Eagles @ National Geographic Magazine
Biology in Motion
Black Sea @
Botany Activities and Lessons
Burke Museum Mammalogy Section
California Coastal Records Project -- Aerial Photographs of the California Coastline
CNIE -- Committee for the National Institute for the Environment
Coleoptra--Living Jewels
Color Diamond Encyclopedia
Color Landform Atlas of the United States
Cool Science for Curious Kids
Dr. Dirt
Discovery Online
Earth Science Picture of the Day
DIVE AND DISCOVER: Expeditions to the Seafloor
Earth Awareness Educational Resources
Earthquake Animation
Encyclopedia Smithsonian: The Smithsonian from A to Z
EPA & Ozone Depletion
Exploratorium's Science of Baseball!
Exploratorium: Frogs
Exploratorium: Origins
Exploratorium: SOLAR ECLIPSE: Stories From the Path of Totality
Explorers Club World Center for Exploration
Exploring the Environment
FEMA for KIDS Homepage: Education, Schools, Disasters, Games, Teachers, Art, Hurricane
FishBase : A Global Information System on Fishes
frontline: a whale of a business
Funology -- The Science of Having Fun!
frontline: plague war
Green Cleaning: Do-It-Yourself Safe Cleaning Solutions
Green Home Building Techniques
Greener Lifestyle
Greener Lifestyle Can Begin at the Supermarket
Learn All About Dinosaur Teeth -- Thanks for the recommended link Cassie
The Dog Lover's Guide to Sustainable Living
What's My Carbon Footprint?
Importance of Recycling
Turn Your House Into a "Green" Energy Machine
10 Ways to Make Your Garden More Green
Home @
HowStuffWorks - Learn how Everything Works!
Hubble Provides Multiple Views of How to Feed a Black Hole (PRC98-14)
Images from 5 miles high
Molecular Expressions: Images from the Microscope
Insects on the Web
Issues in Science & Technology Home Page
Jets, Planes and Helicopters: How Do They Fly?
Journey North 2011
Learning About Soil
Learning Services Home Page -- Science news and live webcasts of the Leonid meteor shower.
Live from the Estuary
Main Menu @
Map Collections Home Page
Map Machine @
MODIS Home Page
Monterey Bay @
Museum of Flight - MoF
Nation Master
National Geographic -- Black Sea
National Geographic Magazine @
National Geographic Map Machine
National Geographic: Nature's Fury--volcano, tornado, fire
Natural History
Natural History Museums and Collections
NATURE: Alien Empire
NATURE: Puzzles and Fun
NCDC Climate Visualization
Near Earth Asteroid
New Scientist: Planet Student Main Page
NOVA | Mysterious Life of Caves | PBS
NOVA Online/Kaboom!
NOVA Online | To the Moon
NOVA Online | Warnings from the Ice
NOVA Online |Warnings from the Ice | Stories in the Ice
NRDC Online's Homepage
Plants In Motion
Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab
Sand Castles
Sandia National Laboratories - News Releases
SciCentral: Gateway to the Best Science and Engineering Online Resources
Science Quest
Scientific American
Science Visualization Studio Images
Sea and Sky
Shuttle Radar Topography Mission
Sites Alive Index page
Snow Facts
Solar Max : Presented By the Exploratorium
Study of Butterflies
Sue at The Field Museum
SUNSPOTS: The Exploratorium's Guide to Sunspots.
Teaching Resources and Activities--Soil
Test Your Geography Knowledge
The MegaPenny Project | Index Page
Tiger Information Center
tornado chasers, photographers and sky lovers
Traditional Ecological Knowledge Prior Art Database
UN Atlas of the Oceans
View of Earth and Moon
Virtual Cave
Virtualology A Virtual Education Project
Walking With Cavemen
Walking With Prehistoric Beasts -- Discovery Channel -- Prehistoric Beasts
Weather Watch: Winter Storms
Welcome to The Dinosaur Society
Welcome to Earthtalk Studios!
Welcome to The Moon Phase Site
Welcome to
welcome to my brain. please watch your step.
Welcome to SeaWeb
Welcome to Smithsonian Magazine's Kids' Castle
Welcome to the Wadsworth Earth Science Resource Center
Welcome to
Welcome to ZOOM
What's new in Nature
Wild West Yorkshire Nature Diary
World Rainforest Information Portal - Amazon, South America, Asia, Africa - Rain forest
Yahoo! - Science:Biology:Botany
Your Weight On Other Worlds
Zoological Society of San Diego Home Page
Zoom Dinosaurs - Enchanted Learning Software
ZoomSci: Science and Engineering Projects for Kids


19th Century Schoolbooks, DRL Demonstration Project
A Word With You
Acronym Finder (Frames Version)
Aesop's Fables - Online Collection
Aesop's Fables - MP3 Files
Afterhours Inspirational Stories
Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts
Bartleby--Great Books On-Line
Bartlett, John. 1901. Familiar Quotations
CliffsNotes: Your Shortcut to Success
Common Errors in English
Confusing Words
Craig, W.J., ed. 1914. The Oxford Shakespeare
Creative Writing Assignments--Resources for Teachers
Electronic Literature Directory
Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman, and nineteenth-century American culture
Free electronic books to read online: Home
Free English Lessons and ELS Software
Greek Mythology
I, Pencil
In Search of Shakespeare
informED: 10 Teaching Tools for Educators
Knowing Poe
Large Print Book Reviews
Learning English | BBC World Service
Literacy Center - The Early Childhood Education Network
Omniglot - a guide to writing systems
Opening Hooks
Oxymoron Information
Oxymoron List
Page By Page Books. Read Classic Books Online, Free.
Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab
Shakespeare Quotes
Short Stories
Story Arts | Story Arts Online!
Study Guides for Various Works
The American Heritage Book of English Usage. 1996
The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation
The Book of Cliches
The Cambridge History of English and American Literature: An Encyclopedia in Eighteen Volumes. 1907–21
The Digital Mirror - Treasures - The Black Book of Carmarthen
The English Server
The Literature Network: Online literature for the student, educator, and enthusiast.
The Moonlit Road
The On-Line Books Page
Welcome to Merriam-Webster
Welcome to Dime Novels

Geography - Country Information, Regional & World Rankings
CIA -- The World Factbook
Colorado River Municipal Water District
Colorado River Municipal Water District -- Stream & Reservoir Levels
Comprehensive World Flag & Map Database
Real Time Data of Texas Streams
The State Quiz
Topographic maps of most major points of interest in the United State
Topographic Maps from Topozone
World Culture


U.S. Geological Survey

Grants and Loans

American Council on Education
College View
Eisenhower National Clearinghouse
FedWorld Home Page for your Masters Degree
John Templeton Foundation: College and Character
Sallie Mae: Student Loan Marketing Association (SLMA)
Student Survival Guide, The National Registry of Instructors


Second Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry
Academy of Achievement
Access to Archival Databases (AAD)
Albert Einstein Online
American Experience | Jimmy Carter
American Rhetoric
Archaeology (History Trail)
Are they learning history--NAEP NQT v2.0 -- Search Results
about famous people is the only site you'll need to learn all about just about everyone famous. you'll find people from all categories: great women, presidents, first ladies, military, civil war, actors, and much more! - History celebrities famous people biographies women generals civil war actors presidents first ladies military
About The Holocaust
Abraham Lincoln Papers at the Library of Congress
After the Day of Infamy: 'Man-on-the-Street' Interviews Following the Attack on Pearl Harbor: Home Page
American Aces of World War Two WWII
American Civil War Collection at the Electronic Text Center
KODAK e-Magazine: American Cowgirl
America's Story
American FactFinder
American Heritage
American History
American Museum Congo Expedition 1909-1915
American Museum of Photography
American National Biography
American Photography: A Century of Images
American Presidents: Life Portraits
American Slave Narratives
An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera
Ancient Egypt - Menu page
AncientSites: The Ancient History Community Welcomes You!
Andrea Doria Tragedy
Annenberg/CPB - A Biography of America
At the Tomb of Tutankhamen @
Battle Plans Under Fire
BBC Education
Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids: Homepage
Benjamin Franklin: A Documentary History -- J.A. Leo Lemay
biography-center indexes 10719 biographies !
Bob Hope and American Variety (Library of Congress Exhibition)
Bob Hope - Biography
Calendars Through The Ages
Celebrating 100 Years of the Harley-Davidson
Coca-Cola Television Advertisements: Home Page
Colonial House
comics research bibliography
Congressional Biographical Directory
Contact Your Guide - Holocaust
Crash of Flight 111
Creation Science
Department of Defensa Almanac
Discovery of Gold, by John A. Sutter - 1848
Scholastic News Zone
Discovering Archaeology
Discovery Online
dMarie Time Capsule
Documenting America
EAA - Emergence of Advertising in America: 1850 - 1920
Early Cinema
Early Manuscripts at Oxford University
Early Recorded Sounds and Wax Cylinders
Encyclopedia of Texas History, Geography, and Culture
Encyclopedia Titanica: Titanic Research, Passenger and Crew Biographies, Pictures, Articles ...
English Heritage
English History
Eternal Egypt Website
Evidence of Human Habitation in the Black Sea @
Explore Art, Science & History with Smithsonian Magazine
EyeWitness - history through the eyes of those who lived it
The Face of Slavery
Famous Birthdays
Famous Texans
Famous Trials of the 20th Century - UMKC School of Law - Prof. Douglas Linder
First World - Memoirs and Diaries
Frontline: The Long Road To War
Fun Facts & Trivia for Kids
Greek Mythology
History and Politics Out Loud: a searchable archive of politically significant audio materials
History & Social Studies | EDSITEment
History Channel
History of American Money
History of Money from Ancient Times to the Present Day
History of the American West (American Memory, Library of Congress)
History of the American Flag
History of U.S. Armies in Uniform
History is Fun, Jamestown Settlement, American Revolution Museum at Yorktown, history museums, America's beginnings
Holocaust Survivors
Honor Indian Treaties
In Search of Ancient Ireland | PBS
Indians of Obscurity - Your Internet Resource
Internet Sacred Text Archive Main Index
Journal for MultiMedia History - Volume 1 Number 1 Contents Page
Lewis and Clark Expedition
Library of Congress / Federal Research Division / Country Studies / Area Handbook Series / Iraq
Life in the White House
Life and Death in The War Zone
Louisiana Purchase
Map Collections Home Page
Maps of the Ancient World
Mapping the Civil War
Mapping the National Parks
Medal of Honor Citations
Memories of the Holocaust
NASA Human Space Flight
National Genealogical Society - Home Page
National Geographic -- Pearl Harbor
National Geographic - Kids
National Museum of American History: Home
National Museum of Women's History
Newsfilm Library at The University of South Carolina
NMAH | Artificial Anatomy | Main
Old Time Radio (OTR) - Radio Days: A Soundbite History
Operation Baby Lift (American Experience, Daughter From Danang)
Oregon Trail
PBS Online - Lewis and Clark
Teaching World War One History through Food
The Perilous Fight: America's World War II in Color
Photographing History: Introduction
Picture History
Political Cartoons
Postal Museum
Programmes Archive--BBC World Service
The Pulitzer Prizes
Religion and the Founding of the American Republic (Library of Congress Exhibition)
Remember The Alamo
Remembering Nagasaki: Contents
Remembering Pearl Harbor @
National Geographic: Remembering Pearl Harbor-history, maps
Photographs from the Chicago Daily News:1902-1933, Chicago Historical Society (American Memory, Library of Congress)
Reconstruction: The Second Civil War
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Salem Witch Trials
Smithsonian Education
Smokey's Vault - Only you can prevent wildfires.
Spy Letters of the American Revolution
States and Capitals--U.S.A.
Surname Studies
Teaching with Historic Places--Home page for the program's website
Talking History Home Page - Department of History, University at Albany
Texas Indians
The Complete History Of The Discovery Of Cinematography
The Evolution of the Conservation Movement, 1850-1920
The Great Chicago Fire
The History Channel®
The History Cooperative || Booker T. Washington Papers
The Declaration of Independence and Other Important Documents
The Holocaust History Project Homepage
The Invention of the LASER at Bell Labs: 1958 - 1998
The National Archives Learning Curve | Cold War
The Nobel Prize Internet Archive
The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow | PBS
The Roman Empire
The Star-Spangled Banner
The Three Branches of Government
The U.S. Constitution and Fascinating Facts About It
The Underground Railroad @
The United States Mint
The US Mint's Site for Kids
The Vietnam War Declassifciation Project, April 2000
The World of Benjamin Franklin
The WorldNews Network
This Day in History - From the Archives of The History Channel
Thomas Jefferson Papers: Home Page
Time Magazine
Today in History
Top Biography - A Biography
Travel In USA 1750 to 1920
Treasures of Egypt
Unexplained America - Unsolved Mysteries
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
USA Women's Suffrage
Veterans History Project (Library of Congress)
Vintage Wedding
Visual History of Las Vegas, Nevada
Voices of the Holocaust Fog of War
Watergate - The Scandal That Destroyed President Richard Nixon
Web Generation - Your Pop Culture Resource.
Web Guide To Megalithic Europe
Welcome to the American Currency Exhibit
Welcome to the Gemini Observatory Web site
Welcome to MUSEE - Directory of museums worldwide including art, science, history, zoos, archaeology, and aquariums.
Welcome to the Museum of Science and Industry
What Ever Happened To?
Witchcraft in Salem Village
Within These Walls
Women In Business
Women's Suffrage Home Page
Words & Deeds in American History
World Almanac for Kids
World History
World War 2--The Peoples War
World War II Pictures in Color
September 11, Screenshots of Online News Sites, September 11/12, 2001
The September 11 Digital Archive
World Trade - 09.11.01
PixelPress | In Remembrance...
Life Books: Sept 11 Tribute
911 Living Memorial
I Pledge Allegiance -- By Red Skelton


Presidents of the United States
US Presidents and Vice Presidents list
National First Ladies' Library Home Page
Office of the President
Presidential Inaugurations
Inaugural Addresses
Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the United States
Inaugural Quiz
Educational Resources for George Washington from Mt. Vernon, the historic home of our first President
The Portrait - George Washington: A National Treasure
The Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression
Thomas Jefferson Digital Archive
Abraham Lincoln Online
Abraham Lincoln Papers at the Library of Congress
American Experience | Ulysses S. Grant
Ulysses S. Grant Home Page
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum
Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum
Franklin D. Roosevelt Library & Museum
The American Experience | Eleanor Roosevelt
Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum
Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library, Museum & Boyhood Home
John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum
John Fitzgerald Kennedy, President of the United States
LBJ Library
Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum
The Nixon Library & Birthplace
Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library and Museum
The Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum
Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum
George H. W. Bush Presidential Library
Bill Clinton Presidential Center
George W. Bush Presidential Library
Medical History of American Presidents
Presidential Pardons


AltaVista - World / Translate
Extension en Espanol--National Clearinghouse for Spanish-language Educational Resources
Foreign Languages for Travelers
HandSpeak: A Sign Language Dictionary Online
Helping your child succeed at school
IPL Kidspace: Say Hello to the World - directory of schools
Language Museum
Language Tools
Learn Spanish
Learn Spanish in Spain
Lost in Translation
Teen Lingo
Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab
Spanish Professor
Speech Accent Archive
Translation Resources

Lesson Plans

Animal-Related Lesson Plans
22 Dog-Themed Lesson Plans for Teachers
Archaeology Lesson Plans: Grades K-12
Educator's Reference Desk
Popular American History Lesson Plans
Discovery: US History
History and Social Studies Lesson Plans
Awesome Library
K-12 Biology Lesson Plans
ProQuest K-12
Creative Classroom On-line
Creative Writing Lesson Plan Collection
Financial Literacy and Real Estate Investment Lesson Plans
Math Blaster
Early Literacy Knowledge & Instruction
Education Insights and Resources from the Experts
Education World - Everything for Education K-12!
Embracing The Child Organization
Engineering the Future: The Educator's Guide to Building and Construction
The Teacher's Construction and Building Guide for Students Interested in Engineering
Environmental Health Education: Lesson Plans for All Grade Levels!
Family Education - Free Worksheets and Printables
FamilyEducation Network - Helping parents help their kids learn
Federal Resources for Educational Excellence - Home Page
Food Science Lesson Plans and Activities for K-12 Educators
Nutrition Education: Resources for Middle and High School
Nutrient Wise: A Student Lesson Plan
Free Worksheets - - The Internet's #1 Education Site for K-8 Teachers and Kids
Grand Valley State University Lesson Plans Links
Information Please Home Page
Insects in the Classroom - Lesson Plans
Illness Prevention: The K-12 Cleanliness and Hygiene Lesson Plan Collection
KET's Internet Resources for Science Teachers
Lesson Plans on Finance and Real Estate
National Wildlife Federation Lesson Plans
Parents Guide for Third Grade
Parents Guide for Fourth Grade
Parents Guide for Fifth Grade
PBS TeacherSource
Personal Fitness Teaching Tools and Lesson Plans
Read-Write-Think Lesson Plans
Resource Request for Educational Materials
Scholastic Place
Search Engine Tutorial
Seven Practices for Effective Learning
Teaching Economics, Business & Finance to Kids
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)
The Lesson Plans Page - Over 4,000 Lesson Plans!
The New York Times Learning Network
The Ultimate Guide to Satellites for Educators: 35 Lesson Plans and Activities for K-12 Educators
ThinkQuest Archive kept by Oracle Education Foundation
The Global Schoolhouse
Transportation: Past, Present and Future | Educator DigiKit
Jets, Planes and Helicopters: How Do They Fly?
The Science of Flight
WebExhibits Catalogue
Welcome to Teachnet.Com


25 Activities for Reading and Writing Fun
A Web of On-line Dictionaries
Academic Resources Channel
Acronym Finder: Look up 850,000+ acronyms/abbreviations & their meanings
Acronym Lookup
Acronym Search
AltaVista - World / Translate
American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition. 2000
America's Library
American Library Association Home Page
Any Book -- Book Source
ArtLex - visual arts dictionary
Best Free Reference Web Sites web
BIBLIOMANIA: Best online literature and reference books
Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation
Britannica Internet Guide
Childrens Books Online
Classic Reader
CliffsNotes: Your Shortcut to Success
Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001
Online Conversion
CS + ECE Libraries/Library Catalogs Page -- CMU Libraries
Currency Calculator
WebCalc, The Ultimate Web Based Calculator
Convert English text to any of several comic dialects - Free, Automatic Bibliography Formatting, Alphabetizing, and Printing.
Encyberpedia by Monte Cristo from Electric Library
Encyclopedia of Texas History, Geography, and Culture
EncycloZine: EncycloZine
Exploding Dictionary
Eyewitness Encyclopedia
Free Collection of Online Calculation Tools
Funk & Wagnalls Online Multimedia Encyclopedia
Information Please: On-Line Dictionary, Internet Encyclopedia, & Almanac Reference
IPL Youth Division
Jewish Encyclopedia
Learning the States and Capitals
Library and Archival Exhibitions on the Web
Library of Congress World Wide Web (LC Web) Home Page S
MapQuest : Driving Directions, Maps & Live Traffic Reports
Merriam-Webster OnLine
netLibrary - Main Library
Nolo's Legal Encyclopedia
One Look Dictionary Search
Plumb Design Visual Thesaurus
Portals to the World Home Page (Library of Congress)
Pronunciation Guide
Semantic Rhyming Dictionary
Teaching Books
Teen Lingo
The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition. 2000
The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation
The Exploding Dictionary
The Infinite Teen Slang Dictionary
The National Agricultural Library
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Subject Catalogue
Visual Thesaurus
Webopedia: Online Computer Dictionary for Internet Terms and Technical Support.
Word IQ
Zip Express -- Lookup Zip Code


A Collection of Great Calculators
AAA Math
Calculators for Kids: Important STEM Tools
Dave's Math Tables
Educator's Guide to Applying Real-World Math: 15 Resources with over 100 Lesson Plans
Einstein Calculator
Eisenhower National Clearinghouse
Fun Brain
Hands-on Math Activities for Kids
Hourly Paycheck Calculator
Math Forum Home Page
Mathematical Quotation Server Math Games
WebMath: Instant solutions to your math problems.
Plus Magazine
Teaching Strategies for Incorporating Writing Into Math Class
The Mathematics of Tsunamis
WebCalc, The Ultimate Web Based Calculator
Web Math
WT Virtual Math Lab


American Sheet Music, 1870-1885
Early Recorded Sounds and Wax Cylinders
Essential Music Theory
Favorite Songs from the Sixties and Early Seventies - Search the Web for Sounds
Five-Hundred Songs That Shaped Rock
Hear The Music Play - In-depth research to help you enjoy your music more
John Philip Sousa (1854-1932)
Louis Jordan
Lyrics On Demand -- Search Engine for Lyrics
Mistletunes--Christmas Rock
Music in the Public Domain - The Instant Delivery of Digital Sheet Music
National Anthems of the World
Net Music School
The Symphony - An Interactive Guide
The Works of John Philip Sousa
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Scholarship Info

CollegeNET - Online College Applications and Free Financial Aid Search
CollegeStudent.Com :: The Students' Global Resource
FastWeb: Free Scholarship and College Searches Plus Financial Aid Tools and More!
FinAid! The SmartStudent Guide to Financial Aid
Financial Aid Hub
FreSch! The Free Scholarship Search and Information Service Guide to Paying for College for Students with Disabilities
MoneyGeek Financial Aid for Online Colleges
MoneyGeek Guide on How to Get Scholarships and Grants for Students with Disabilities
MoneyGeek Guide to Graduate School Financial Aid
MoneyGeek Guide to Prestigious Scholarships
MoneyGeek Scholarship Search Tool
StudentAdvantage--Scholarship Search
The Wiredscholar Scholarship Search

Schools on the Web

American School Directory - Your Interactive Gateway to All 108,000 K-12 Schools
California Virtual High School
High School WWW Hub
Mrs. Dingman's Homestead
San Juan Unified School District
Student Web Awards
The Internet Schoolhouse
The Kids on the Web
Web Kids' Village
Water Valley Schools


Center for Science in the Public Interest - Home Page
PBS - DragonflyTV
Educational Software & Training
Eisenhower National Clearinghouse
Exploratorium | The Science of Cooking
Explore Art, Science & History with Smithsonian Magazine
Fun Science Gallery - Scientific Experiments for Amateur Scientists and Schools
Fusion Power - UKAEA Fusion at Culham
Great Amateurs in Science
Hands-on Science Resources for Home and School
Human Anatomy On-line -
The MegaPenny Project | Index Page
Museum of the History of Science, University of Oxford
NMAH | Artificial Anatomy | Main
NOVA Science Now
Online Conversion - Convert anything to anything else
Periodic Table of the Elements--The Comic Book Style
Periodic Table of the Elements--Interactive
Periodic Table of the Elements--WebElements
Physics: Learning Activities - Physics Life
Popular Science: Best of What's New -- Science and Technology Innovations
Rat Lab
Sam Barros' PowerLabs! : FirstGov for Science - Government Science Portal
Science Fair Projects
Science Fair Project Ideas, Answers & Tools
Science Frontiers Digest of Scientific Anomalies
Science Magazine Feature Essays
Science Museum of Minnesota
Science Museums Science Fair Project Ideas Science Education
Science News Online - The Weekly Newsmagazine of Science
Science On-Line
Science through entertainment and curiosity
Scientific American
Sport! Science@The Exploratorium
The American Experience | Race for the Superbomb | Nuclear Blast Mapper
The MAD Scientist Network
The Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago
The Particle Adventure
The PathFinder Science Network for Student and Citizen Science
The Science of Addiction: K-12 Integrated Prevention Curriculum
Understanding Flight Dynamics
Unique Physics & Science Toys & Gifts for Birthdays, Holidays, and Special Occasions
U.S. Department of Education
Vischeck: About Vischeck
Visual Elements

Social Studies

DemocracyNet - DNet - Official website for searching the U.S. Government
GovTeen Index
The PBS Kids Democracy Project


Welcome to Merriam-Webster!
The Scripps Howard National Spelling Bee

Summer Camps

Kids' Camps - The Internet's most comprehensive directory of Summer Camps and summer experiences - Summer camps - Summer Camps - Summer Camps
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