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Cotton Foundation The Cotton Foundationís mission is to provide vision and leadership to the U.S. cotton industry through research and education in support of the National Cotton Council of America and its allied industries.
Member dues and grants to the Foundation are used exclusively to fund cotton research and education programs and to enhance existing programs.
Cotton Incorporated American cotton growers fund Cotton Incorporated through per bale assessments. Cotton Incorporated is designed and operated to build demand for cotton in the U.S. market and for U.S. cotton in world markets. CI
National Cotton Council The mission of the National Cotton Council of America is to strengthen the ability of U.S. cotton producers, ginners, crushers, merchants, warehousemen, cooperatives and textile manufacturers to compete effectively and profitably in the raw cotton, finished product and oilseed markets at home and abroad. NCC
Plains Cotton Growers Inc's Cotton Producer Representative Organization for the High Plains of Texas PCG
Plains Cotton Cooperative Association Plains Cotton Cooperative Association (PCCA) is a farmer owned cotton marketing cooperative headquartered in Lubbock, Texas, and is one of the largest handlers of U.S. cotton, marketing 2.5 million to 3.0 million bales annually. In addition to cotton marketing, PCCA also maintains a denim manufacturing facility at Littlefield, Texas and cotton warehouse operations at Altus, Oklahoma, and Sweetwater, Texas. Each division plays an important role in PCCA's overall mission: to add significant value to the cotton marketed by its members by being the supplier of choice to its business partners in terms of quality, service and value. PCCA
International Textile Center The International Textile Center,an auxillary of Texas Tech University, conducts textile research, testing, and evaluation of: 1) cotton, animal fibers, man-made fibers, and exotic fibers such as carbon and ceramics; 2) the yarns and fabrics made from these fibers; 3) textile processing systems; 4) dyeing and finishing and 5) fabric treatments for specific purposes such as flame and high temperature resistance.
Our clients include textile mills, equipment manufacturers, fiber producers, yarn and fabric manufacturers, cotton breeders, and public agencies.

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Cotton Production in West Central Texas
How A Cotton Plant Grows
CottonDB Home Page
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Texas Plant Disease Handbook - Cotton
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USDA/AMS - Agricultural Market Service
Cotton Charts and Quotes
Cotton Market Comments
STA Research, Trading, Brokerage and Commodities Futures and Options Research
Cotton Marketing Weekly

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USDA Economics and Statistics System
Texas Agricultural Statistics Service
USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service

Pest Management

National Site for the USDA Regional IPM Centers
Texas Pest Management Associatipon
Entomology at Texas A&M University
Texas IPM Newsletters

Cotton Related Information in PDF

The agronomy information listed below is in a Portable Document Format (PDF) and will require the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the information.
(Adobe Acrobat Reader software is currently available free of charge.)

Correcting Nitrogen Based Deficiencies in Cotton with Urea-Based Products (L-5147)*
Managing Cotton Insects in the High Plains, Rolling Plains and Trans Pecos Areas of Texas (E-6)*
Managing Cotton Insects in the Lower Rio Grande Valley (E-7)*
Managing Cotton Insects in the Southern, Eastern and Blackland Areas of Texas (E-5)*
Suggested Insecticides for Management of Cotton Insects in the High Plains, Rolling Plains and Trans Pecos Areas of Texas (E-6A)*
Suggested Insecticides for Management of Cotton Insects in the Southern, Eastern and Blackland Areas of Texas (E-5A)*
Suggested Insecticides for Managing Cotton Insects in the Lower Rio Grande Valley (E-7A)*
Suggestions For Weed Control In Cotton (B-5039)*
The Proper Use of Cotton Harvest-Aid Chemicals (L-5142)*
Trichogramma Handbook (B-6071)*
Using Mepiquat Chloride on the Texas Coast to Reduce Cotton Plant Height (B-6042)*
Using Petiole Analysis for Nitrogen Management in Cotton (L-5156)*

University Resources

Department of Soil & Crop Sciences, Texas A&M University
Texas AgriLife Extension Service
Texas AgriLife Extension Service Publications
Texas AgriLife Research
Government Printing Office
Cooperative State Research Education & Extension Service Home Page

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