Bahiagrass (Paspalum notatum)

Origin: Native to South America
Use: Perennial, warm season, introduced forage and hay grass that provides fair grazing for livestock but poor grazing for wildlife.
Plant Description:
General  Characteristics of Bahiagrass
Life Span  Perennial
Growth Form  8- to 16-inch tall bunchgrass with erect stems often has thick, scaly rhizomes. Leaves are generally hairless.
Seeding Rate 
40" Rows:  Broadcast: 

20 to 25 pounds pure live seed per acre
30 to 35 pounds pure live seed per acre
Planting Date  March-May
Planting Depth less than one-fourth inch
pH requirement 5.5 to 7.5
Rainfall requirement 32 to 65 inches
Soil texture  Sandy: 

Cold Tolerance: High
  • difficult to produce hay because it is low growing and develops rapid inflorescence;
  • adpated to infertile sites
  • Cultivars: Common, Pensacola, Tifton 9, Argentine
    ID Features:  
    Special Notes:
  • bahiagrass can be considered a weed
  • it can be controlled by 0.3 oz. per acre Ally® herbicide
  • bahiagrass is susceptible to ergot