Seed-Corn Maggot, Hylemya cilicrura (Rond.)

PLANTS ATTACKED: Corn, peas, beans, clovers and several other plants.

DESCRIPTION: Adult. The fly is grayish brown and about 1/5 inch long. This fly would hardly be noticed by the layman.

Larva. The pale or yellow-white maggot is about 1/5 inch long, is sharply pointed at the anterior end, legless and has a tough skin.

LIFE HISTORY: The female deposits eggs in soil which contains a great deal of organic matter or on small seedling plants. The life cycle of the insect is completed in 2 to 3 weeks. There are three to five generations annually.

DAMAGE: Injury is caused by the larva or maggot. It burrows into the seed or plantlet, often destroying the seed germ before it can germinate. Damage is most severe during cold, wet seasons and on land rich in organic matter.