Southern Green Stink Bug
Nezara viridula (Linné)

Description and Damage: The southern green stink bug is green, shield-shaped, and 3 /4 inch long. Nymphs are reddish black to black with white spots on the top of the body. As forth and fifth instars, their color changes from black to pale green with pink and black markings. There are white spots on the margins and on each side of the midline on top of the body.

Stink bugs feed mainly on kernels and cause the most damage during early kernel development.

Biology: In the spring, overwintered females deposit eggs in clusters of about 30. Eggs hatch in about 7 days and nymphs reach adulthood in about 6 weeks. Nymphs stay close to the egg mass until they reach about the third instar (growth stage); then they move away. Nymphs stay clustered as they feed on the sorghum plant. Repeat generations occur at 5- to 6-week intervals. Adults live 40 to 60 days or all winter.