Redroot Pigweed

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Seedling.  Key characteristics: narrow cotyledons, alternate egg-shaped leaves that have a small notch at the tip.  Stems are often red at the base.

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Foliage.  Key characteristics: leaf margins appear wavy and leaves are coarse-textured with prominent veins.

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Stems and roots.  Key characteristics: the taproot is often reddish in color.

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Inflorescence.  Key characteristics: highly branched, dense spikes.


Seed.  Seed are round, flattened, have a dark glossy shine with a diameter of approximately 1.0 mm.

Life cycle: summer annual.

Toxic Plant: Cattle and swine are the animals most likely to be affected; goats and sheep can also be poisoned.  Leaves, stems and roots are toxic.  The most common symptom in cattle is bloat as it accumulates nitrates.