Herbicide Injury Information and Photographs

Herbicide Injury Diagnostic Key (with photos) University of Wisconsin Extension
Herbicide Injury Photo Database
Herbicide Injury Symptoms on Corn and Soybeans - Purdue University
Herbicide Injury Symptomology
Peanut Herbicide Injury Symptomology Guide
Soybean Herbicide Injury
Corn Herbicide Injury
Cotton Herbicide Injury

Drift Education Material

  1. Drift management and nozzle selection resources - Brent Pringnitz at Iowa State University, Weed Science On-Line. Articles and resource listings on drift management and nozzles.

  2. Drift education materials - Robert E. Wolf (Kansas State University) homepage. Bob has several downloadable PowerPoint presentations, and fact sheets.

  3. National Agricultural Aviation Association (NAAA) - Once on this site click on 'PAASS' (Professional Aerial Applicators Support System). Information on Drift Minimization.

  4. USDA, ARS Application Technology Rearch Unit - This web site has information on USDA Agricutural Research Service research on pesticide application technologies.

  5. Spray Drift Task Force (SDTF) - The Spray Drift Task Force was organized under provisions of FIFRA to develop a generic spray drift data base capable of satisfying spray drift data requirements for virtually all pesticide product registrations in the United States and Canada. Publications as PDFs linked here.

  6. National Coalition on Drift Minimization - NCODM. A national coalition working on the issue of pesticide spray drift minimization, including regulators, educators, pesticide applicators, manufacturers, dealers, consultants/advisors, growers, processors, and all others vital to the application of pesticides.

  7. CP Products - A commercial site. This company has nozzles for aerial and ground applications. This site has setup and maintanence info, a nozzle and droplet size calculator, and operator hints, also has links to related sites.

  8. Spraying Systems Co. - TeeJet Agricultural Spray Products. This site includes a spray tip selection guide, droplet size and drift information, drift causes and control, and a spray calibration calculator.

  9. Pesticide Drift Management - Slide presentation from UGA Weed Science

  10. DuPont Sulfonylurea Herbicides Fact Sheet: Spray Drift Management.

  11. Drift of Sulfonylurea Herbicides - An article by Bob Hartzler, Iowa State University Extension. Iowa State University Weed Science on Line.

  12. Clemson University -- Definitions and Discussion on Drift

  13. Tips to Help Minimize Pesticide Spray Drift

  14. Cleaning Field Sprayers to Avoid Crop Injury