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Testing Your Soil - How to Collect and Send Samples PDF (251,000 bytes)
Soil Submittal Form for Texas A&M Lab PDF (48,000 bytes)
Soil Fertility Recommendations for Various Crops and Land Uses
Nutrient Calculator
Soil Basics PDF (20,000 bytes)
New Mexico State University - SOIL 252 - Soils
Soil Basics:
Soils and Plant Growth
The World Wide Soil Jumpstation
Soil Horizons
Nutrient Content of Fertilizer Materials
Fertilizer: The Basics
Nutrient-Deficiency Symptoms
Fertilizer Requirements of Selected Vegetable Crops
Back To Basics Soil Fertility
Nutrient Deficiency Symptoms Presentation
Web Soil Survey
NRCS Soil Information
Soil Taxonomy Information (9.9 megs -- 871 pages)
Nutrient Requirements and Specific Deficiency Symptoms of Vegetable Species
Choosing the Kind and Rate of Fertilizer
Soil Overview
Healthy Soil--Healthy Roses: Soil Chemistry
Learning More About Soil from Dr. Dirt
Soil Fertility and Fertilizers from Mississippi State University
Improving Garden Soil Fertility -- Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service
Home and Market Garden Fertilization Guide, New Mexico State University
Plant Nutrient Deficiency Decision Key
Practice Problems On Soil
USDA -- Soil Education